viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

In to the Forest

I decide to go to venture to forest

A female Giant! I defeat her

And the male Giant I burned him

Cyclops!! and the fight

Against the Vampire

In the entrance of the cave

In to deep

Suddenly a gargoyle appears!

I found the vampire so I kill him

Then I returned for my gold, the nordic was drinking and celebrating

martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

To Falkreath

After I bring the book to the old man I decide to go to Falkreath 

I entered to the tavern I eat and rest, then I go out to explore the village

I entered to Jarl´s Longhouse (the guy in front is a monk who fight with fist and he help me in my quests)

And he named me Thane of Falkreath for the reason of help his people

Then I go out and cook some food, I eat and rest

Suddenly a nordic tell me something about his ancestor kin and that he was death and buried in the cemetery, but someone profane his grave but the true is his kin was a vampire he was sleeping and someone waked up him and he went to join their kind, the nordic guy be ashamed of their ancestor because his kin was a vampire so he ask me If I could handle him for an amount of money, so I say yes

So here I'm in a dark cave searching for the vampire 

domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

This day

Time to rest before to go out to the forest to search a book in an abandoned cave who a old man ask me help him, I rest and wake up feeling well, eat some cheese and a two bottles of wine, then I go out

I was in the forest and suddenly a bandit appear to attack me so I react to use my sword, he died and then I  turn him into a zombie

 Then another bandit appears but I just shatters her

The Elder Scrolls Medieval World

Hi, here I will show pics about Skyrim, about rol game plays and short stories of it

Here a Flame Sword in a deep cave